Earn while Learn Scheme

The College, Shri Shivaji Mahavidyalaya, Barshi runs a Scheme entitled Earn while Learn, in the footsteps of Late Karmveer Dr. Mamasaheb Jagadale, founder Shri Shivaji Shikshan Prasark Mandal, Barshi. This Earn while Learn Scheme is specifically run for the students who are deprived of education, owing to their weak financial conditions. In this scheme along with the poorer students priority is also given to the students who have lost their parents permanently. To run this scheme, the Principal of the college forms a committee of six members, out of which four members are taken from the teaching staff and two members from non-teaching staff.

The chairman of the committee calls a meeting with the prior permission of the Principal. In this meeting the admission process for this scheme is discussed, the final date for submission of application, essential testimonials and the intake capacity for the year are also finalized in this meeting. Further, the interested students are informed of this scheme by displaying a notice on the notice board of the college. A stipulate date is allotted for the students to apply for this scheme in a proper format. Once the forms are collected, the committee meticulously scrutinizes the forms so as to select the students who are genuinely in need of this scheme and who fulfill the criterion for the selection. The committee gives priority to those students who are financially weak and orphans. The students who are selected under this scheme are than assigned jobs at different places. They are assigned jobs at the Sanstha’s hospital; they are given gardening jobs in the college and allotted jobs in the library too. The students work under this scheme for three hours a day. While allotting work hours to the students, care is taken that their classes and studies are not affected while working under this scheme.

1. Dr. A H Nanaware Chairman
2. Dr. R R Kothawale Member
3. Shri D B Mane Member
4. Shri A L Anmulwar Member
5. Shri P M Jadhav Member
6. Shri S B Kawade Member